Patent Grant in One Year for Non-Startup’s. It’s possible?

Yes, its very much possible.

There are two ways to getting your patent application examined in 6 months according to the new Rules published by the Indian Patent Office:

1. If you are a startup – with Start-up Registration Certificate you can file Form-18A with the relevant fees to get the patent application examined and thereafter grant in a years time (total time from the date of filing From-18A).

2. Even if you are not a start, still you can file From-18A,

Provided That

You have filed an international application selecting Indian patent Office as an International Searching Authority and From-18 is filed subsequently.

Second method requires additional fees for filing PCT application and Forom-18A.

We can help you in the entire process.

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2 thoughts on “Patent Grant in One Year for Non-Startup’s. It’s possible?

  • September 18, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Till time I have a 30 patent filed and published , I am searching a buyer my patent , so all the patent sale ,
    So kindly provide the guide to sale the patent


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